60 Minute Professional Book Coaching (4 Sessions)

Do you want to shortcut your book project success? Now you can. Take the guesswork out of writing, publishing, and marketing your successful print or ebook.

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Do you want to short cut your book project success? Now you can.

  • Take the guesswork out of writing, publishing, and marketing your successful print or ebook.
  • Eliminate frustration, trial and errors, and avoid mistakes you can’t afford.
  • Build confidence so you can finish your project with a partner who cares about you and your book.
  • Get higher $ returns than your investment with book coach Judy Cullins.
  • Save enough writing time, that you can invest in the marketing strategies and actions your book must have.

Make your journey shorter with Judy Cullins as your Business partner!

Judy offers Nonfiction Coaching in these areas:

  • Book & eBook Writing
  • Self Publishing
  • Book Marketing & Social Media (LI, FB, twitter)
  • Website & Blog Format/Content
  • Business Visibility, Name Building, & Branding

Judy's coaching is tailored to each client.

Judy will read and comment on your 4-5 pages of files sent before each regular book coaching session to include writing, publishing, or marketing focus.

Feedback from Coaching Clients

There is no question that my finished eBook is significantly improved from where I began because of Judy's help. She succeeded in getting me out of a boring graduate school style of writing into something much more lively, more readable, and more appropriate for my audience. I am proud of the end product and grateful for Judy's guidance along the way. -Darlene Cross, M.S.

I couldn't have written my books on secretarial business start up and general transcription work without Judy Cullins' help. My writing is clear, and easy to read because of Judy. They bring me great testimonials that generate additional sales. Judy also coached me on LinkedIn marketing, how to update my LinkedIn profile, and focusing on my USP to make LinkedIn marketing effective. She’s up to date on social networking and her fees are reasonable. -Leva Duell

What Outcomes to Expect From Our Partnership

You will...

  • Get more clarity on your book or marketing message and their value.
  • Get clarity on which online marketing techniques are best for your book or business. That can mean social media, article marketing, and a business blog.
  • Cut your learning curve by half, and make your book or promotion project doable.
  • Finish at least as many chapters as you stay in our partnership.
  • Get answers and hand holding on how to start your writing or social media promotion project, what the best tactics are, and how to measure your effectiveness.
  • Learn the "Fast-Forward Chapter Writing Format" for your print or eBook to organize, make clear your message and engage your readers, so they finish and recommend your book. Without a blue-print, your chapter won't be organized and people will not finish reading your book and not recommend it to others.
  • Learn some easy pre-marketing tools to set up your book's promotion platform before you finish your book, so you will be ready to launch a powerful campaign the day you finish writing.
  • Give your online audience and book readers answers to their problems or challenges, so they will trust and buy from you.

In a Few Months, This Could be You!

Judy Cullins' is the coaching experience you can't be without! Her shortcuts helped me complete my book in just a few short weeks (as opposed to a year for my first one). How much easier it is with Judy's encouragement and guidance moving you through the journey! -Darlene Arechederra

In just 2 sessions with Judy I learned how to transfer my expertise into an organized, focused, and readable chapter. In Chapter One called "The Things you Did for Love," from my upcoming book, Live your Own Life First, I figured out a compelling format to transfer to the rest of my chapters, making the rest of the book easier and faster to write. My new affirmation: Structure is my friend. Judy showed me how to flesh out my stories, use headlines with pizzazz to guide and inspire my readers. I'm so much more confident now that I know what to do next. -Joanne Victoria

This is the best money I've spent in years. You really know your stuff. I'm finally on track. The suggestions you gave me on the eBook's sales letter were right on. As I shifted a couple of blocks of text I could see how they flow and lead the reader through the sale. I almost want to buy my own book! -Larry Jackson

How Will You Feel When You Finally Finish Your Book?

If you are running your small business and want to brand it by learning to write a book to make a difference in your audiences' lives and build ongoing wealth, what you're about to read about will change everything. Don't waste another day deciding whether you should start writing your book.

Any coach, speaker, or other small business specialist can get the highest visibility and become a household name when you write nonfiction, self publish your book online and do your own book promotion.

That's why my mission and this book coaching website will assist you to manifest your book project dream to write a best seller - this year. Maybe your project is stagnant, and you're not sure what's your next step. Or maybe you already spent a lot of money on big ticket training or packages and they just didn't work. Now, put mistakes behind you and begin again - this time, to finish your book so your mission lives. While writing ebooks and print books has many steps, it's much easier with a partner, and an experienced writing coach.

Praise from Coaching Clients

In just a few book coaching sessions with Judy Cullins, she helped me nail my best book title, my introduction, and brought my drab chapters to life so they would really engage my readers. She knows the business side of books, so her website coaching gave me a strong sales letter that was friendly, loaded with benefits that would sell a lot more books. I hadn't thought of that before. She researched a great URL for me too, and taught me to organize my promotion with folders to include different blog articles taken from my book's chapters--so resourceful and all in one place! -Usha Tandon, DDS

I could not have written my book without writing coach, Judy Cullins. Her insights transformed my writing. I loved working with Judy. -Rosemary Hossenlopp

Working with a successful author like Judy Cullins is an inspiring experience. Judy's insight and infectious enthusiasm did boost my confidence and energy because a writers world at times, is a lonely one. It was worth taking the time and Judy's suggestions to make the book more salable and readable. Judy helped change my writing frustration into a more creative energy, by showing me how to view the project from a different angle. As a result I finally completed my first eBook. Diana Todd-Banks

Consider your book idea for a moment...

Imagine your non-fiction or business book's well-formatted chapters with a great hook, thesis and benefits to invite your preferred audience in. That you have integrated all the pre-marketing essential hot selling points that brand you, your book, your chapters, and your business. That marketing your book will be painless and effective because of your preparation. This is the setup that makes for best-selling books and products, helps your audience to a better life, and creates ongoing wealth for the rest of your life.

Imagine how powerful you feel, knowing exactly where you are heading, confident that you know exactly what your next step is with a writing coach who can give you ongoing feedback, and encourage your accountability. The first thing we accomplish is getting clarity exactly on how to write a how to book, which book to write now, what title sells better, and who your best audience is (perhaps you have two books or even more to write). Later we discuss publishing your book, self publishing, how to market a book (and ebook marketing), and the best path for you.

When every day is full on, enjoyable and purposeful, you will smile or even laugh outloud. That's what I expect every day, why shouldn't everyone? Maybe some still allow fear to hold them back, but with me as your partner, your journey will be far more fun and far easier.

Proven Strategies that Work

Helped me more than a $500 seminar! Hher book coaching gives clear, practical advice on how to get your ideas into a form that grabs the reader and moves them to action. -John McGuire

Save yourself from headaches, disappointments, and money down the drain. Judy puts you on the fastest track to publishing success.Take the guesswork out of writing, publishing, and marketing your successful print or ebook. -Marcia Reynolds

Don't Wait, Start Your Coaching Today

Just to let you know I'm here as an author advocate and book strategist for you who are ready for the journey to begin your self help book writing, marketing, and self publishing.

Learn how to write non fiction today to brand you and improve your life and the lives of others!

Without a Professional Writing Coach, your journey will be much slower and won't finish book fast which will cost you money from immediate sales.

Let's focus on following your book dream. What I want for you is to feel confident, prosperous, and know you got your unique important message out to others who want it. When you publish either a print or eBook, you'll also reap the rewards of attracting clients to you, and making yourself known as the savvy expert in your niche.

I give you my happiness guarantee if you complete your sessions. It takes two or more for your project to succeed.

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